Transverse Brackets – London Underground

Jetway is pleased to confirm that, against tough competition, it has been awarded a four year contract by Tube Lines to produce Transverse Damper Bracket Assemblies. As part of a major London Underground upgrade these Assemblies will be produced specifically for the Piccadilly Line. The awarding of the contract by Tube Lines ltd builds on the existing working relationship Jetway has had with Tube Lines Ltd over many years and follows acceptance by Tube Lines ltd of a sample product submitted by Jetway.

Jetway is solely responsible for the procurement of all materials, the machining of all the components and the final welded assembly.

Under the terms of the contract we were obliged to provide a Welding Procedure Specification(WPS) that would ensure the finished goods would meet the demands of 100% MPI to BS EN 4986 severity level 2 to the welded area of the Pin with a 100% visual inspection of the welds on the safety lugs to BS EN 5817 severity level D.

Further to acceptance of the sample, Jetway have now started production in earnest with Jetway suppling finished goods to an agreed delivery schedule as agreed with Tube Lines Ltd.

tubelines bracket