Process – Cad Cam

Mart Cad CamOur ‘in-house’ design facility is staffed by engineers whose skill set and experience includes performing complex machining tasks, sheet metal and welding/fabrication works.

By utilizing this knowledge, designs are practical and take account of the manufacturing process, this¬† enables the transition from ‘drawing board’ to manufacture to be completed with the minimum of revisions or alterations to the original concept.

Our standard operating platform is ‘Auto Cad’, which we have found to be the most effective for the receipt or transmission of drawings to or from our clients, and also the transference of information from our design department to our manufacturing plant.

Drawings can also be viewed or transmitted via DXF formats.

A high proportion of our product design work is undertaken using the GeoMagic Design System, which permits 3D modelling, analogue testing and stress analysis of design criteria to be completed prior to commencing manufacture.

Design activity is included in our service range as defined within our BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation.

GeoMagic 3DSystems

GeoMagic is a computer aided design tool that allows us to build and view products from any angle in a virutal space. This helps us to perfect a design before it goes to the manufactering stage.