Specialist Sectors – Defence

defence1Jetway Associates Ltd. recently celebrated over 50 years of continuous service as a supplier to the M.O.D and defence sector. During this time we have seen many changes in the procurement processes but one thing has remained unchanged “the need for reliable, inventive, versatile and proactive suppliers”.

Currently we are engaged in supplying a range of Damage Control & Fire Fighting Equipment to the MOD (Navy) against the demands of an enabling contract, including a complete range of Fire Extinguisher Brackets in both Mild & Stainless Steels, Webbing Retaining Belts, Key Box’s and GRP Splinter Box’s.

We are skilled in the production of Ammunition and Pyrotechnic on deck stowage lockers together with the manufacture of special purpose furniture and fittings.

Our extensive library of drawings includes FV drawings, DGS drawings and current NSN drawings, some of these are included in the attached NSN List file.

We have earned a reputation for service, customer dedication and a willingness “to pull out the stops” when required, it has served us well in the past and our continued engagement with the defence sector forms an integral part of Jetway Associates Ltd. plans for the future.

AFFF Pail Basket


Fire Extinguisher Brackets


Olston Rammer – Life Buoy Deployment System


Hose Basket


EP2N Extinguisher Bracket


Key box


Man-overboard Lifebuoy Release Unit. (ERU)


442-99-537-3138 Type 12.

Designed in-house to meet the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Defence the ERU has seen many years of operational service around the world and is standard issue in many Navy’s.

The unit forms an integral part of the Man-overboard Quick Response & Rescue System; it is the pivotal operational component forming the “link” between the on-board electrical system, the Officer of the Watch Consul and the lifebuoy stowage/release chute.

Positioned on either side of the vessel, usually high up on the “Flying-bridge,” a lanyard fixed to the Lifebuoy is secured by the ERU between its “release bolt” and its housing.

In the event of a “man-overboard” the system is activated by a switch contained within the bridge consul, this in turn activates the internal wiring system of the ERU, prompting a solenoid to withdraw back into the body of the unit, there-bye releasing the lifebuoy and allowing it to fall into the sea.

As both the lifebuoy and the casualty should enter the sea in relative positions to the hull of the ship they should both be carried towards the stern of the vessel there-bye presenting a buoyancy aid in the same “water” as the casualty.

Manufactured using non-corroding Gun Metal Castings the unit has been designed to be maintenance free with all electrical connections readily available without the need to access the main body, which is “sealed” during manufacture using “tamper-proof” fixings.

A manual operation “button”, sealed within the cover plate allows easy “loading” of the lifebuoy as well as providing a remote means of manually testing the operation of the unit.

Toggle Assembly

This toggle assembly is supplied to the Army as part of an artillery piece.


Custom Built Heated Lockers

Jetway were commissioned to design and manufacture a number of heated lockers for the MOD. The lockers had to be kept at a specific temperature. These lockers were to be installed on the ship,RFA Argus, and are designed to contain fire fighting equipment and chemicals which produce foam in the event of a fire.