Specialist Sectors – Light Engineering

Light Engineering is a simple statement encompassing a wide array of engineering processes limited only by the size or weight of raw materials we can safely accommodate within our facility.

Jetway Associates Ltd. adopts a multi disciplined approach to accomplishing the challenges presented to us by our customers; we have a core of highly skilled engineers, specialists in their selected field, who have been encouraged to embrace additional skills, thereby effectively increasing the overall “skills base” we have to offer.

Turning, milling, grinding, sheet metal work, welding, painting and fitting are all processes undertaken in-house, from one-off’s, batch production or indeed mass production, our approach is always driven by our desire to fulfil our customers demands, on time, within budget and to our strict quality standards.

We are keen to undertake ‘projects’ that encompass our complete skills set and are currently engaged by an internationally renowned Plc to source materials, manufacture piece parts, assemble components, test completed assemblies, pack and despatch to their European Distribution Centre, for onward shipping to their customers, against varied demands that we can receive on a near daily basis.

Generally we will always find a way of completing any task asked of us, but sometimes the physical restraints of our ‘older’ buildings do restrict us, we cannot safely handle loads exceeding 1 ton and do not possess overhead lifting equipment to handle heavy loads within the workplace.

We have undertaken projects from a variey of sectors, from custom knobs for McCarron Bespoke furniture, candle holder for Charles Farris Church Supplies and Data Frame Skoots for BIL Group.

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