Charles Farris Church Supplies

single candlesIn partnership with Charles Farris we where asked to design a new  Votive Cande Frame for churches.

As a company specialising in precision parts we relished the task of designing and manufacteering something not only practical but astecically pleasing. The main frame holds 30 candles individual candle units. Uach candle unit had a patent pending Burnner Unit that enables the canle to burn completly without leaving smoke or wick residue.  The posistion of each candle has been designed so that when reaching to the back row the chance of injury from the front row is lessened, making them a saver option.

The candle frames them selves are available in a variety of colours allowing for better customisation of the entire frame. Each candle holder has been designed in such a way that they are apealing on their own and would make a great addition to any home.







canlde frame