Why Us


Value Add

Since 1957, Jetway has been providing clients across many different industry sectors with a wide range of engineering services.  This experience in various industries has held us in good stead and brings the understanding we have today in assessing and understanding clients needs and expectations.  From the focus in fire safety equipment with the Defence industry, right through to the specific parts we produce for the Automotive industry, Jetway has built up a comprehensive and unrivalled range of in house engineering skills.  From assessing the initial requirement, to the engineering, to the final assembly, we’re able to manage the complete project and provide the whole packaged solution so avoiding risk and overdue project completion.


We work closely not only with our clients in order to understand their requirements and expectations but also with our suppliers.  These relationships go back many many years and our network of suppliers work closely with us in many areas such as forecasting material deliveries and forward ordering.  This synergy with suppliers holds us in good stead for not only the best availability of material but also pricing.  We are able to benchmark prices across many different materials including steel, aluminium and brass, this ultimately provides our clients a more competitive price point.


Jetway employs 27 people across a many varied skillsets.  Because we’re small it ensures we’re focused and are able to react extremely quickly to customer’s needs.  Our longest standing clients have come to expect fast turnarounds of requirements, from assessing initial drawings to the delivery of the finished goods.  We understand where our core strengths lie as do our clients and this ensures that any engineering project is managed efficiently and delivered on time.

Pro Active

Our focus on ‘getting it right first time every time’ means that we are always improving our internal processes.  We work closely with clients to forecast their needs, and to confirm plans to improve on project deliverables, sometimes way ahead of schedule.  Our proactive approach comes from the personal touch of our employees, by understanding our clients needs we have a first class working relationship with our customers.


Like any company, we are driven in certain directions by our clients.  Due to our work and focus with the Defence industry since the early 1960’s, this has ensured that certain quality procedures are driven through the company.  This has resulted in better quality standards, adherence to a quality methodology and an ongoing investment programme in quality management.  This focus in quality rubs off on all client relationships and client requirements.

Jetway has the BS- EN–ISO-9001:2015 accreditation and is audited regularly to ensure that all the principles of the quality programme are maintained and constantly improved.

Our Clients

  • Babcock
  • NATO
  • MoD
  • Tube Lines
  • Parker
  • NATO
  • A&P
  • Tyco
  • Charles Farris
  • Servitec